Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Crafts and Basement fall

Posting these pictures makes me very sad. The reason you ask? Because my sweet little 2yr old boy took his first fall down the basement stairs this particular day. We were working on the crafts and well being 2, Joey wasn't all that cooperative and momma was having some hormonal issues and not very patient. I made Joey go play in the living room while Tiff and I finished up what we could without the kids. They managed to get back into the kitchen and were by the basement stairs. I was right there and it just didn't click in my head that they were by the stairs until all of a sudden it's Boom BOOM Boom BOOM Boom....we hear. We both jumped up and I grab Kasia just as the excitement almost made Bosco send Kasia after Joey. I'm standing at the top of the stairs and there lay my little boy, at the bottom, crying but not moving. I ran down the stairs trying to make sure I didn't trip and hurt myself or Jonny or Joey in the process. I actually stayed pretty calm. I think that having Tiff there helped calm me even though she was taking care of Kasia who was traumatized some from watching her little boyfriend fall like that! I checked him over, didn't let him move when he finally tried, until I was sure he was ok. God was with me because I felt this calm and just knew that he was fine, scared and bruised but nothing worse than that. I let him up and checked him over some more. He has some very slight abrasions on his butt cheek and leg and that's all I could see at that point. After washing him in the bath, getting all the marker and paint off his face I could see he had some good swelling over the bridge of his nose. In the morning a little bruise appeared on his cheek and that was that!

He gets into the kitchen all the time now, can climb over the gate there, but he goes immediately to the basement door and closes it! I don't think he's attempted the stairs yet, ever since the fall.

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